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Specialists in the elimination of Processionaries, Woodworms, Bees, Hornets and Mosquitoes, Wasps, Bed Bugs, Rats, Mites, Fleas, Pappataci, Reptiles, Spiders. Immediate disinfestation and rat extermination intervention in a short time with qualified technicians.




Environmental remediation


We carry out procedures for the reclamation and remediation of contaminated environments with the use of high quality and technologically advanced machinery. We issue guarantee certification for the works performed.



Emergency intervention ordinary sanitation and in case of suspected or full-blown infection by Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 with the use of ozone and nebulization. Possibility to take advantage of the 50% bonus provided by the Cura Italia decree

Disinfestation Deratization Sanitation Reclamation Cleaning


Emergency Disinfestation Deratization Sanitization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Firenze

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Emergency Disinfestation Deratization Sanitization Disinfection Remediation Cleaning

Call our emergency service, active 24 hours a day , to solve any of your pest control and rodent control problems, with precision and the best materials.
A team of specialized technicians will always be available to arrive at your home and offer you the best manpower to solve any type of solution.

Call Now +39 388 5757999 , we´ll be with you in a flash!

Areas Covered With Our Pest Control Service Deratization Remediation Sanitation

We work with the best technicians, in the shortest possible time. We operate throughout Italy with qualified technicians and rapid intervention for any urgency.

Disinfestation , Deratization Emergency Service Rapid throughout the national territory. Specialists in the elimination of Processionaries , Woodworms , Bees , Hornets and Mosquitoes , < strong> Wasps , Bed Bugs , Rats, Mites, Fleas, Sandflies, Reptiles, Spiders . Just a phone call that our technicians will be with you in a short time offering professionalism and technical competence; call now without obligation 24 hour service open even on holidays. Pronto pest control works with products that are not harmful to the environment, effective for the elimination of parasites, providing impeccable service. The strength of the company is its highly qualified and always up-to-date staff.

Ready to interveneto disinfestation , performs procedures of disinfection and sanitization ordinary and in case of infection suspected or confirmed by Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 .

The sanitation and disinfection of the environments is carried out with various methods:

  • nebulization with highly effective medical surgical device disinfectant against bacteria and viruses. A professional nebulizer is used for sanitization and disinfection to ensure maximum effectiveness in the sanitization treatment.
  • The use of dry saturated steam at high temperatures (up to 190 ° C) is an effective, natural and ecological method to attack and kill viruses and bacteria as it guarantees , by means of thermal shock, the complete elimination from the first treatment, without using chemical solvents and / or detergents.
  • ozone which has very high sanitizing and disinfectant properties for germs and bacteria, even more powerful than traditional chemical detergents. 100% natural, ecological and low cost. A ozone sanitizing machine. is used

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First aid Disinfection Deratization Disinfection Sanitation Room reclamation



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